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Social Skills and LDs

 Sometimes children need help with social skills. Perhaps they don’t understand facial expressions or need help making it through social situations like play dates or birthday parties without incident. Like many life skills, parents can support their children by helping them in the area of social skills. The goal would be to assist them to acquire healthy social relationships by improving their social skills and social problem solving skills. Research has found that more than 50% of individuals with LDs have social, emotional, or behavioural difficulties including specific difficulties with social skills (Kavale & Forness, 1996; Wiener & Timmermanis, 2012).

 Rick Lavoie is a well known advocate for Learning Disabilities and has served as an administrator of residential programs in the United States for children with special needs since 1972. He holds three degrees in Special Education.

 His experiences at residential school have provided Rick with a “living laboratory” in which he developed and refined his methods and philosophies related to the education of adolescents with special needs.

 Rick is probably best known for his videos “How Difficult Can This Be?: The F.A.T. City Workshop” and “Last One Picked, First One Picked On: The Social Implications of Learning Disabilities”. These award-winning films have brought Rick’s sensitive and compelling message to countless thousands throughout the world.

 Here is a short video where Rick explains how to set up a successful play date for your child.

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