Join us for our 7th Annual Family Conference on Saturday, October 16th, 2021.

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Keynote speaker will be renowned author, parenting expert and consultant,

Rick Lavoie.

Rick Lavoie, Keynote Speaker for our 2021 Virtual Family Conference

CONGRATULATIONS to the Early Bird prize draw winner- Katherine A of Kitchener!


Registered participants will be able to choose one speaker from each Workshop Stream.

Zoom links will be emailed to the registered attendees. Links will be sent separately for the keynote and the breakout sessions so watch for multiple emails closer to the event.

Speakers’ Information:

Dr. John McNamara – Reading Rocks Program

Rick Lavoie – “Last one picked, First one picked on…”- Ten ways that parents and teachers can imporve kids’ social skills.

Wendy Donaldson- Student-Centred Approach to Guide Classroom Instruction

Rose Freigang- Supporting and Building Healthy Peer Interactions & Relationships with Children who have Learning Disabilities

Leanne Husk- EdTech for Parents

Amanda Daniel and Mahsima Nosrati-Inanlou– The Social Impact of Learning Disabilities

Prof. Alina Kislenko- Strategies around Employment, Friends, Family and Relationships for those with ADHD

Laurie McCann– Social Media, Cyberbullying and Internet Safety

Dr. Alexandre Tavares- Supporting Children to Improve their Social Skills- The Role of Parenting Programs & Self-Help Books

Keith Gelhorn- The Neurodiversity Matrix- Why a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work to support Neurodivergent students through their transition to high school and post-secondary


LDAWC Silent Auction link- place your bids and support the work of the Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County!

                                       Our 6th Annual conference, held on 

October 17th, 2020 was a great success! 

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           Presentations from our 2020 speakers:


        Productivity & Time Management Strategies

Number Sense; Supporting kids at Home

EdTech Bootcamp for Parents

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

The 2 Part Break

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