8th Annual Family Conference
Oct 22, 2022
St James High School
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Who can benefit from this conference: Parents/caregivers of children with learning disabilities and/or ADHD seeking tools & strategies to support mental health & learning at school and at home.

Keynote Speaker: Ann Douglas, Author and Parenting Expert
Post Pandemic Parenting

This is your opportunity to dare to imagine life in a post-pandemic world for yourself, your family, and your community. What will our lives be like once we begin to emerge from the pandemic? How can we support our children in preparing for that post-pandemic world? And how can we begin to process everything that our families and our communities have  experienced during this strange and uncertain time? In this thought-provoking presentation, you’ll be encouraged to reflect on your family’s pandemic experiences: to acknowledge all the learning and growth that you have witnessed in yourself and your children over the past two years. You’ll also have an opportunity to consider your hopes and dreams for your family moving forward, and to zero in on parenting strategies that can help you to achieve your big-picture parenting goals 

Other sessions will include:

Is your child “Neurodiverse”? 
Dr. Colleen Willard-Holt

Mental Health & LD
Rose Freigang, C. Psych. Assoc., Insight Psychology on Norfolk

Strategies for supporting your Neurodiverse child
Alina Kislenko, Registered Psychotherapist, Founder of The ADHD and Asperger’s Centre

Assistive Technology 
Leanne Husk, Assistive Technology Instruction Specialist, Bridges Canada

Simple strategies to help children become good readers
Dr. Alexandre Tavares, Psychiatrist

Transitioning into and out of High School
Nadia Tonin and Jacqueline Weresch and Mark Howe, WCDSB & UGDSB

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