Back to Basics- What is a Learning Disability?

Since we are still fresh into a new year, it seems like a great time to go back to the basics and examine what a learning disability is and the signs and symptoms that different learning disabilities can display. The article “Learning Disabilities and Disorders” from, shares helpful and precise information about learning disabilities and the problems they can cause. They also share some terrific tips on support, how you can help and where to get help for your child.

Two important take-aways from this article:

1. “If you’re worried, don’t wait. If you suspect that your child’s learning difficulties may require special assistance, please do not delay in finding support. The sooner you move forward, the better your child’s chances for reaching their full potential.”

2. “The important thing to remember is that most kids with learning disabilities are just as smart as everyone else. They just need to be taught in ways that are tailored to their unique learning styles. By learning more about learning disabilities in general, and your child’s learning difficulties in particular, you can help pave the way for success at school and beyond.”

Authors: Authors: Gina Kemp, M.A., Melinda Smith, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D.

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