We’re back with our favourite ADHD host, Jessica from ‘How to ADHD’ and today we are talking about executive function. When we need to plan, prioritize and keep our effort moving forward, that’s executive function. When we complete a task, hold information (working memory), follow tasks and create a routine that’s also executive function.  Executive function is a challenge for those with ADHD and they may have a hard time getting things done. As Jessica
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This week we take a look at ADHD as an adult and whether it’s different from ADHD as a child. In this video, Kati Morton, a licensed therapist shares some terrific information about adult ADHD as well as taking the time to provide tips on how to manage ADHD. So check out ADHD as an Adult – How is it Different? The strategies she offers helps with focus and includes being kind to yourself. 
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It is never too early to learn good study habits. The school year is under way and for many teens with learning disabilities or ADHD, the thought of trying to sit down and focus on studying is daunting. Enter Ann Dolin’s article for ADDitude  “7 Secrets to Studying Better with ADHD”. It gives great insight and helpful tips that just may make this year’s studying a lot less stressful.
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This is a last call for our virtual LDAWC Family Conference being held this Saturday, October 16th. It is going to be filled with amazing speakers, presenting timely topics and professional insight. The day includes special guest keynote speaker, consultant and author, Rick Lavoie. It also includes a presentation by Dr. John McNamara and two break-out sessions where you get to choose from some incredible speakers. Check out our session speakers here and be sure
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October 6, 2021


The past couple of years have been challenging. The pandemic brought a global health crisis, the likes we’ve never seen before. That health crisis turned into a financial crisis, a mental health crisis and a social crisis, where our friends and families struggled to make ends meet, find ways to stay okay and keep our kids socialized through several lockdowns. This Thanksgiving, as I do my annual reflection on what I am thankful for, I

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