If your child has access to a computer, tablet or phone, the odds are pretty good that they have played a game or two on it. If you are worrying about how much time they spend in front of the screen, why not add a little (dare I say it) education to their time?   Apps (applications) have come a long way. More than just games, now your child can learn skills like numbers, letters, sight
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The first Christmas card comes in the mail and I freeze. Like a deer frozen, caught in the headlights, I realize I haven’t sent out my Christmas cards. Not just sent out, I haven’t even purchased them or written them up.  What will my friend say this year? The one that I don’t hear from except on Facebook from time to time? The one that sent me a guilt-ridden message about how they took the
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It’s an exciting time of year. The lights are up in the neighbourhood, the holiday shows are on TV and talk of gift giving and holiday foods are suddenly a part of our conversations again.  Still, for many, this is a challenging and often overwhelming time of year. Routines are replaced with a different set of expectations and a different set of social skills. Gift giving and receiving, meal time etiquette, getting in touch with
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I hear my son sit down to do his homework and within a few minutes, I am hearing music from behind his bedroom door. He says it helps him to concentrate and I think back to my teen years. My books are laid out, homework set to go and the radio playing in the background. I loved having that radio on but mostly because I was making a mixed tape and I was waiting for
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photo of Tracey Marks, MD with text "executive function"
Have you ever heard the words ‘executive function’ but weren’t quite sure what they refer to? In a quick and concise video, the explanation of those words are revealed by Dr. Tracey Marks, MD. Marks is a psychologist who makes mental health videos on You Tube and this year, she produced a video on executive function that we thought we would share. It was part one of a series of videos she put together on
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