This year marks our 6th Annual Family Conference. This free event will be held on Saturday October 17th. This year, due to COVID-19, we will deliver a virtual program via ZOOM. We are very thankful to our sponsors, Shearer’s and SickKids Foundation! Our Conference features experts in Education, Psychology, Health and Parenting. We are lucky to have parenting expert and author Ann Douglas present our keynote address with the focus of Stress management and coping
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 Sometimes children need help with social skills. Perhaps they don’t understand facial expressions or need help making it through social situations like play dates or birthday parties without incident. Like many life skills, parents can support their children by helping them in the area of social skills. The goal would be to assist them to acquire healthy social relationships by improving their social skills and social problem solving skills. Research has found that more than
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I am always amazed at how the universe makes connections for us at times when we need it or even when we don’t! I love gardening and so am always on the hunt for plants to add to my landscape.  One in particular led me to a place called “Rural Rootz” which is home to a lovely couple, Tom and Dee.  Just driving up the winding path calmed me immensely and when I arrived the
Saturday October 17th, 2020 is the date of our 6th Annual Family Conference. We will once again be providing this conference free to attendees due to the generous support of SickKids Foundation and Shearers Foods. Our family conference focuses on the well-being of students and their families, and brings valuable information from education professionals. This years break-out sessions include: The Science of Reading Rocks (an LDA Reading Tutoring Program)Addressing Reading Difficulties at SchoolMental Health &
This week we are sharing a Vlog (video blog) about summer schedules, presented by Shari Stock, the Academic Director of Camp Kodiak.   Schedules are something that most our of kids thrive on and count on.  Summer camps and schools rely on schedules, as do most workplaces. Schedules have been thrown off (or thrown out) due to all the changes that have occurred during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You may also have noticed that your kids become wild,

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