Many families are struggling to manage children’s learning while away from the classroom.   What was supposed to be two weeks after March Break has now extended indefinitely which can be very stressful for parents as well as students who require the structure and instruction of the classroom to learn.  The government has developed some online resources to try and curb the time not in the classroom.  I haven’t yet reviewed to see if this is
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From Grade 9 School Problems to Success as an Adult Learn how a Mom reaching out to the Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County helped her assist her youth to succeed through highschool and college and become a successful adult.
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We understand that this is a time of uncertainty and families routines and learning schedules are interrupted. We remain accessible to provide resources and support via e-mail, our blog, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our phone line remains open. We are currently providing on-line workshops and programming and hope to move to in-person events when safe and appropriate. Our Resources include information on: Learning Disabilities & ADHDlist of on-line learning siteslist of non-academic learning
We searched for information about how to deal with concerns about not receiving a elementary mid-year report card this year.  Those of us who have children that struggle in school can really worry about this lack of feedback. Most experts say that having good communications with your child’s teacher(s) is more important.    If you are concerned about your childs progress, contact the teacher.  Let them know that you are part of the team for your

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