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Teachers and parents alike sometimes struggle to find tools that help children develop their social skills. Let’s face it, these are skills that many of us take for granted. For a lot of us, social skills come easy. We jump in and out of conversations, we can read people’s faces and body language and we can understand when people are being sarcastic or sincere in their tone. For those that struggle with social skills, it’s
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Dating can be a bit of a challenge for the ADHD brain. Depending on where you go, there can be distraction, sound interference and just a general overall feeling of sensory overload. Enter the You Tube Channel “How To ADHD”- and their 5 Tips for Making Your (Valentine’s) Date ADHD Friendly.  It’s a video that outlines five things that you can do to make your date a successful one.  Good to note – make it
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Executive functioning skills are the skills that guide our ability to plan, organize, memorize, problem solve and a variety of other life-management tasks. Students who struggle with these skills need support and guidance that will help them navigate the classroom successfully and transfer learned skills to life after school.  The Tool Box has compiled an informative piece on Executive Functioning Skills describing what executive functions are and throughout the piece, where you can find strategies
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If you are a teacher of a student with Dyslexia, you may be interested in today’s article. Author Sharon Conwell shares some terrific tips, tools and even apps for helping your students to succeed. In her article, Dyslexic Students Learn Differently: Tips, Tools and Apps to Help Them Succeed , Sharon has penned some useful ideas for reading, writing, math and social-emotional skills that could redirect a frustrated child by finding their strengths and nurturing
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You have noticed that you child is struggling when it comes to their reading, but what about their speaking, listening and writing? Are you noticing some delays or frustration in these areas? Are you concerned it may be a language-based learning disability? Patricia W. Newhall has put together an excellent article for LDOnline that discusses the difference between a language-based disability or a language difficulty and the signs that can help determine the need for
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