Executive functioning skills are the skills that guide our ability to plan, organize, memorize, problem solve and a variety of other life-management tasks. Students who struggle with these skills need support and guidance that will help them navigate the classroom successfully and transfer learned skills to life after school.  The Tool Box has compiled an informative piece on Executive Functioning Skills describing what executive functions are and throughout the piece, where you can find strategies
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If you are a teacher of a student with Dyslexia, you may be interested in today’s article. Author Sharon Conwell shares some terrific tips, tools and even apps for helping your students to succeed. In her article, Dyslexic Students Learn Differently: Tips, Tools and Apps to Help Them Succeed , Sharon has penned some useful ideas for reading, writing, math and social-emotional skills that could redirect a frustrated child by finding their strengths and nurturing
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You have noticed that you child is struggling when it comes to their reading, but what about their speaking, listening and writing? Are you noticing some delays or frustration in these areas? Are you concerned it may be a language-based learning disability? Patricia W. Newhall has put together an excellent article for LDOnline that discusses the difference between a language-based disability or a language difficulty and the signs that can help determine the need for
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Since we are still fresh into a new year, it seems like a great time to go back to the basics and examine what a learning disability is and the signs and symptoms that different learning disabilities can display. The article “Learning Disabilities and Disorders” from Helpguide.org, shares helpful and precise information about learning disabilities and the problems they can cause. They also share some terrific tips on support, how you can help and where
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A diagnosis of ADHD can be an ‘Ah-ha’ moment for some and strike an overwhelming sense of worry for others. Figuring out the next steps can seem like a monumental task. But living successfully with ADHD is possible and many can even thrive, given the right tools and resources. Keith Low wrote ‘Strategies for Living Well with ADHD’, as shared on the Very Well Mind website. He discusses what ADHD is, how it feels to
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