Bogged Down in Clutter?

Every spring it’s the same thing. I walk through the house and decide it is time to purge. I do a complete overhaul of each and every room, examining what I truly can’t part with and the practical stuff we need vs the items that just sit and collect dust or never get used. I generally feel pretty good once it’s all done. Still, the process can be a hard one.

In January, CADDAC (Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada) had Nathalie Pedicelli present on How to Declutter When you have ADHD and are Drowning in Stuff. She discusses how much more difficult it can be to go through this process when your ADHD is a distracting barrier to getting the job done. It is a task that often exhausts the executive function of the brain. So why would someone put themselves through it? Because for someone with ADHD, physical clutter becomes mind clutter and this can be overwhelming. She offers great strategies to getting started and getting it done.

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