Teddy Bear sitting beside chalkboard sign with Dyslexia written on it

Do You Know What Dyslexia Is?

Let’s get straight to the point. Dyslexia is a learning disability. Someone with dyslexia may have challenges in reading, comprehension, spelling and writing but that doesn’t mean that they have challenges with intelligence. 

Understood.org understands that there are a lot of myths that surround dyslexia, a few include:

Myth #1: Reading and writing letters backwards is the main sign of dyslexia.

Myth #2: Dyslexia doesn’t show up until elementary school.

Myth #3: Kids with dyslexia just need to try harder to read.

Myth #4: Dyslexia goes away once kids learn to read.

Myth #5: Dyslexia is a vision problem.

Myth #6: Kids who don’t speak English can’t have dyslexia.

Myth #7: Dyslexia is caused by not reading enough at home.

Understood.org has also put together a very informative article, What is Dyslexia? It is a great read on what it is, the signs and symptoms and how dyslexia is diagnosed. There are even a few videos to watch, each helpful and informative. 

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