Does your child’s music really help them focus?

I hear my son sit down to do his homework and within a few minutes, I am hearing music from behind his bedroom door.

He says it helps him to concentrate and I think back to my teen years. My books are laid out, homework set to go and the radio playing in the background. I loved having that radio on but mostly because I was making a mixed tape and I was waiting for my favourite songs to come on. I smile at the memory. Still, I don’t recall ever NOT getting my work done. I remember that if it was too quiet in the house, homework felt like it took forever and I wonder if my son is feeling that same way. So I ask him.

After a chat with my son, I discover that it seems to help him zone in to his work and drown out the other noises in the household. The work gets done because it doesn’t seem like work. But how? How is it not a distraction?

In “Ask the Experts”- from ADDitude magazine, Leslie Josel answers another mother’s similar concern.  There appears to be some benefits to listening to music while working and perhaps worth a try.

If you are interested in the music benefits to an ADHD brain, you may wish to check out the webinar being offered today (Wednesday, December 1st) at 1:00 pm EST. Patti Catalano, is a certified music therapist who will share her knowledge on ‘How Music Sparks, Soothes, and Optimizes the ADHD Brain in Children’.  If you miss the webinar, you can sign up to receive the recording.

For now, I am going to head off and get some more work done, and yes, I believe the radio will be on in the background.

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