LDAWC – Non-medication and Medication Interventions for ADHD

About our Workshop:
ADHD is a complex disorder that affects every person differently. The decision to ‘medicate’ or ‘not medicate’ is a big one, and there are usually strong opinions and arguments on both sides. But non-medical interventions are also available – strategies to cope with inattention and focus difficulties. Come to an engaging workshop to learn more and about both options – from a medical expert who understands attention difficulties on a personal level.

About our Speaker:
Dr. Alexandre Tavares is a child psychiatrist practicing in Waterloo who also speaks on a wide range of topics. He grew up knowing that he did not have the best attention span, was not a good speller, and was not a fast reader, but had a thirst for knowledge. He was supported by his parents and grandparents since his childhood. They believed in him and never questioned the validity of learning with less formal educational methods used at that time: TV programs, magazines and supported listening. Dr. Tavares uses his personal experiences to better empathize with the experiences of children and teenagers with ADHD and/or learning disorders. To learn more about Dr. Tavares’ work, visit: www.drtavares.ca

  • $15, $10 for LDA members


Dec 06 2018


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Community Living Guelph
8 Royal Road
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