International Day of Families May 15th, 2020

The International Day of Families is an observance celebrated by the United Nations. The organization recognizes families as the basic unit of society. Therefore, it is fundamental that families have its importance acknowledged. Many different countries and communities all around the world organize events to celebrate the observance. International Families Day occurs annually on May 15th.

Sometimes there are people who feel like family, who we treat like family, who have no traditional relationship to us at all. This can especially be the case for those of us that have children with additional needs or disabilities, where there are some key people in our lives that can be very much our ‘family’.

While the following article uses the example of a child that may need more support than mine does, I still relate to it.  We have had the help of not only family, but many friends, doctors, psychologists, an occupational therapist, specialized tutors, camp counsellors and our neighbourhood group. The support they have brought to our family has been invaluable. Our child knows he can trust several of these individuals and I value the personal connections we have to these people.

So, as we think about the International Day of Families, let’s celebrate our immediate family, whatever size and shape that might be, and celebrate our wonderful extended families too!

Who is in yours?

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