5 youth walking together

Let’s Work on our Social Skills

Teachers and parents alike sometimes struggle to find tools that help children develop their social skills. Let’s face it, these are skills that many of us take for granted. For a lot of us, social skills come easy. We jump in and out of conversations, we can read people’s faces and body language and we can understand when people are being sarcastic or sincere in their tone.

For those that struggle with social skills, it’s important to have people who understand and are willing to help with some strategies and ideas that work.

Enter Elaine Gould, M.Ed, and her resource suggestions for teaching social skills to students.

Parents may enjoy this handout from Super Duper Inc., on how you can help with social skills at home.

Stay tuned and watch for our upcoming Social Skills program and join us in October where Social Skills and Learning is the theme of our 7th Annual Family Conference. More information coming soon!

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