Living With ADHD

A diagnosis of ADHD can be an ‘Ah-ha’ moment for some and strike an overwhelming sense of worry for others. Figuring out the next steps can seem like a monumental task. But living successfully with ADHD is possible and many can even thrive, given the right tools and resources.

Keith Low wrote ‘Strategies for Living Well with ADHD’, as shared on the Very Well Mind website.

He discusses what ADHD is, how it feels to be diagnosed, who you may wish to tell and some suggestions on how to manage symptoms. Included in this article is an informative video that highlights ADHD and the strategies to help control symptoms for both children and adults.

There is also a list of informative tips on the Help Guide website that has an extensive list of ‘Tips for Managing Adult ADHD’. 

Ultimately, getting information and becoming informed about resources, support and strategies will help. That is what we are here for. Please feel free to reach out

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