More About our Annual Family Conference

This year marks our 6th Annual Family Conference. This free event will be held on Saturday October 17th. This year, due to COVID-19, we will deliver a virtual program via ZOOM. We are very thankful to our sponsors, Shearer’s and SickKids Foundation! Our Conference features experts in Education, Psychology, Health and Parenting.

We are lucky to have parenting expert and author Ann Douglas present our keynote address with the focus of Stress management and coping skills for parents and kids.All kids experience stress and anxiety. These emotions are part of being human, after all. But one in eight children experiences such a high level of anxiety that the child finds it difficult to manage at home or at school. In this thought-provoking presentation by Ann Douglas (a bestselling parent author who also struggles with anxiety), you’ll learn how to tell the difference between stress and anxiety (and why this matters); stress management skills for kids and adults; and anxiety management skills for kids and adults (what makes anxiety better, not worse).

Dr. John McNamara, professor and Chair of Child and Youth Studies Brock University will discuss their very successful Reading Rocks program, which LDAWC is planning to re-start in January.

And then there are all our breakout sessions: a variety that you can tailor your afternoon to learning some strategies that can assist you in supporting your child. Rose Freigang, Psychological Associate.,will discuss mental health and LDs, Leanne Husk, Assistive Technology Instruction Specialist, Bridges Canada will hold EdTech for Parents Bootcamp, Alina Kislenko, RP, Founder of The ADHD and Asperger’s/ASD Centre will speak on Productivity & Time Management Strategies and e will have staff from both our local school boards discussing how to help with reading difficulties

Dr. Alex Tavares is a child psychiatrist who will speak on physical wellness and LDs/ADHD, Diane Geerlinks from the National Institute for Learning Development will discuss the ever important Executive Functioning (Air Traffic Control). Sue Shaw, parent advocate, will discuss the always necessary Individual Education Plan (IEP) and finally Cathy Chaput, teacher with Wellington Catholic DSB will provide concrete strategies to help kids with a fundamental math concept: number sense.

Join us at this year’s conference and learn more about supporting your learner, yourself, and your whole family.

And check out our other Upcoming Events!

Back To School: LD and ADHD Support Workshop

Learning Disabilities Association of Halton-Hamilton and York Region present Back to School: LD and ADHD support workshop in participation with other LDA chapters.

Tuesday September 22nd, 2020 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. via Zoom

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Read&Write for Google Chrome™ Workshop

Join us for this two part workshop with Tech Coach Leanne Husk.  This will be an on-line, interactive workshop that will teach parents about the assistive technology “Read & Write” that school boards use as assistive computer technology for students. Youth may participate with parent.The event will be held Wed. Sept 23 and Wed Sept 30 at 7 pm

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