National Siblings Day -April 10th


April 10th is National Siblings Day! They may have annoyed us when we were younger, but few people know us as intimately as our siblings. Take a moment today to call your brother or sister and reminisce about all those times you drove each other (and your parents) crazy.

This day is also a day to reflect on the impact LDs in the family can have on siblings.   This interesting article outlines what can happen and how you can mitigate the impact on the sibling.

The author concludes that parents can create a safe and secure environment for siblings of children with LD by not expecting more of them than is appropriate, by informing them about learning disabilities, by answering their questions and concerns as honestly as possible, and by letting them know it is acceptable and safe to share their thoughts and feelings with you.

Does anyone have any other suggestions that they have found successful with siblings?

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