Preparing for a Happy Holiday

It’s an exciting time of year. The lights are up in the neighbourhood, the holiday shows are on TV and talk of gift giving and holiday foods are suddenly a part of our conversations again. 

Still, for many, this is a challenging and often overwhelming time of year. Routines are replaced with a different set of expectations and a different set of social skills. Gift giving and receiving, meal time etiquette, getting in touch with distant relatives and even the expectation of ‘getting into the holiday spirit’ can be a bit too much for those with ADHD.

Many children with ADHD just want Christmas morning to come NOW. The waiting can be unbearable. Sometimes, in their excitement, their emotions get the better of them. This includes tantrums and meltdowns. So this year, what can we do as parents to help our children? How can we teach them to have positive interactions with others this holiday season? How can we keep triggers to a minimum and manners to a maximum?

Rethink Ed has some great tips for ‘Enjoying the Holidays During a Pandemic’. They fall in line with what always seems to work well; plan, practice and praise.

Holidays are a great time to build happy memories and include your child in festive activities. It’s also a great time for them to learn about how other cultures celebrate the holidays. A time to slow things down and share appreciation for what they have. 

Here’s to a truly happy holiday for you and yours.

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