Reading Rocks

Reading Rocks is an 8-week one-on-one literacy program for children aged 6-12 who require support with their literacy skills (those with LDs). Children are matched with a trained tutor who will develop hands-on activities and games to teach the essential literacy concepts of phonics, sight words, and fluency, while building children’s motivation and fostering self-regulation. Each evening, children work with their tutors to set goals and graph their success in these areas. One of the aims of Reading Rocks is to make reading fun!

For: Children in grade 1-7, who have a learning disability OR who are struggling readers with the Upper Grand District School Board (as they are covering the fee for the program this session)

*Please note that we will offer as many spaces for students as we are able to. As we continue to strive to keep this a free program, spaces are limited to the amount of funding we have.

We are currently FULL 

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