Reading Rocks is a FREE 8-week one-on-one literacy program for children aged 6-12 who require support with their literacy skills (those with LDs and struggling readers). Children are matched with a trained tutor who adapts a poster board workstation and literacy program according to the child’s specific needs. The program focuses on the essential literacy concepts of phonics, sight words, and fluency. Tutors develop and implement engaging, hands-on literacy activities to address these areas and build children’s motivation. Each week, children set goals and graph their success in these areas on their poster board, contributing to self-regulated learning. One of the aims of Reading Rocks is to make reading fun!

For: Children aged 6-12, who have a learning disability OR who are struggling readers

We are excited to announce that our Reading Rocks program will resume in January 2021!  If at all possible it will be an in person format, but if that is not we will do a virtual program! Same great content. 


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