Speaker presenting about learning disabilitiesOver the years, LDAWC has offered a range of programs including parent support groups, social skills groups for children and a wide range of educational and advocacy activities.

The association currently:

  • Sponsors many events and workshops each year with guest speakers on issues related to learning disabilities and ADHD
  • Supports parents in advocating for their child in IPRC or IEP meetings and IEP development
  • Hosts a FREE annual family conference to provide information on relevant topics of interest to parents
  • Provides a FREE literacy intervention program for children aged 6-12, called Reading Rocks. Learn more!
  • Provides free information to caregivers of children with learning disabilities, and adults affected by learning disabilities
  • Publishes informative blogs
  • Is a member of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) of  the Upper Grand District School Board to advise on best practices for teaching students with special needs.
  • Provides a list of tutors and sources for assessment of LDs and ADHD

The best way to receive support and access our services is to contact us or email us at info@ldawc.ca

Book a presentation

You can book a presentation for your neighbourhood group, childcare facility, school council, staff meeting, or information fair.

Contact us at (519) 837-2050 or email us at info@ldawc.ca