Are you or your child in grades 11 or 12+ with an LD or ADHD?  Looking to prepare for the transition to college or university?

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Program Summary

The TIPS Post-Secondary program is a small-group college and university transition support program
for students in Grade 11 and 12+ with a diagnosed, identified, or suspected learning disability.

This program aims to prepare students for the transition to post-secondary by equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate their new environment and advocate for their needs, thus fostering strong socio-emotional skills to set them up for success.

In TIPS, participants work on developing self-advocacy and coping strategies and learn about the various resources available at college and university to prepare for a positive transition to post-secondary education.

Sessions are taught using a combination of discussion, instruction, guest speakers and engaging activities.

Program Focus

  1. Self-advocacy skills and strategies;
  2. Building confidence;
  3. Developing an understanding that there are others experiencing the same difficulties as them;
  4. Preparation for the transition to post-secondary education.

Who:  Students grades 11 and 12+ with a learning disability or ADHD diagnosis

What:  Small group

Focus:  Increase self-advocacy and awareness of student’s disability

When:  Once a week for 8 weeks, 

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