Summer Reading Plans

As we have come to the end of the traditional school year, which has been anything but traditional this year, I have started to think about how to continue the learning into the summer.   I have a reluctant reader so it is not easy to get her to pick up a book over the summer – creativity is required.   I came across this interesting idea of reading bingo.  This visual provides choice in what type of reading happens but also helps to set up a goal to work towards.

Another reading tip that I would like to share with you: following along in a book while listening to the audio-book also promotes reading skills, and may maintain the reader’s interest because they can sustain the reading for a longer period of time. Many audio-books and e-books are available on-line through your library. Contact your local library branch for assistance.

Let us know if you decide to add these summer reading tips to your summer tool belt and if it was motivating to your child. 

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