Summer Schedules? – But Summer is for Fun!

This week we are sharing a Vlog (video blog) about summer schedules, presented by Shari Stock, the Academic Director of Camp Kodiak.   Schedules are something that most our of kids thrive on and count on.  Summer camps and schools rely on schedules, as do most workplaces. Schedules have been thrown off (or thrown out) due to all the changes that have occurred during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You may also have noticed that your kids become wild, whiny, or bored during the summer months if they are not kept busy.

Scheduling is an executive function skill that many youth with learning disabilities and ADHD struggle with.   Sitting down with your youth and creating a schedule models this skill with them and gives them some input into their days. They are less likely to complain about being bored if they know what is coming next, or if they can check the schedule. Following schedules helps kids learn the importance of schedules and helps them develop this very important life-skill. While summer may seem a time to throw out the schedule, it can actually be helpful and youth are very capable of understanding the need to be flexible at times.   Learning flexibility is also an executive skill that is important throughout life. 

Have you tried a summer schedule? Or have you been struggling without a schedule?   Please tell us about your experiences and suggestions in the Responses/Comments box at the very bottom of our Blog Page. 

Camp Kodiak is a specialized Ontario Camp that provides an integrated summer program for children and teens with and without Learning Disabilities, ADHD and high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder. The camp has been running for nearly 3 decades.   Shari, who holds a Masters of Education, works for the Peel District School Board as a special education teacher.   She has some great tips about the importance of summer schedules.  

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