Supporting Students with Dysgraphia

This week we want to help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year with a video on how they can support the students who may be showing signs of Dysgraphia.  It’s the perfect time for teachers to think about ways they will support their students in September. Things like larger pencils or pencils with special grips, speech to text software, computers and even additional time to complete written work. Why is this important? Because when … Continue reading Supporting Students with Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia. What is it?

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects all aspects of writing such as spelling, legibility, spacing, sizing and even speed of writing.   Today we are sharing an informative piece by the team at What is Dysgraphia? They include a “deep dive” into the signs of Dysgraphia, how trouble with motor skills impacts writing and how Dysgraphia is diagnosed. There are also some great links on how to help those with Dysgraphia, including classroom accommodations. … Continue reading Dysgraphia. What is it?