Teddy Bear sitting beside chalkboard sign with Dyslexia written on it

Do You Know What Dyslexia Is?

Let’s get straight to the point. Dyslexia is a learning disability. Someone with dyslexia may have challenges in reading, comprehension, spelling and writing but that doesn’t mean that they have challenges with intelligence.  Understood.org understands that there are a lot of myths that surround dyslexia, a few include: Myth #1: Reading and writing letters backwards is the main sign of dyslexia. Myth #2: Dyslexia doesn’t show up until elementary school. Myth #3: Kids with dyslexia … Continue reading Do You Know What Dyslexia Is?

Sad boy sitting on a window sill

Supporting the Emotional Needs of Kids with Learning Disabilities

When a child is diagnosed with a learning disability, it’s not unusual to worry about the academic struggles that the child may be facing but what about the emotional struggles? Rachel Ehmke, managing editor at the Child Mind Institute, has written a wonderfully insightful piece about how to support the emotional needs of kids with learning disabilities. Children with learning disabilities often have anxiety, stress, sadness and low self-esteem. They need you and they need … Continue reading Supporting the Emotional Needs of Kids with Learning Disabilities

Lady lays wide awake in bed

Sleep and the ADHD Brain

If you are someone with ADHD, you understand the challenge of getting to sleep. You want to sleep, you’re ready to sleep but once your head hits the pillow, you suddenly have a running commentary going on in your head. It can be all of the things that happened in the day, or all of the things you think will happen tomorrow. The harder you try to sleep, the more frustrated you become. What if … Continue reading Sleep and the ADHD Brain

Parents playing on the floor building a wooden train track with their children

Play & Learn- A Fun Idea for Game Play that Educates

As parents and caregivers, we are busy people. So it is a wonderful moment when we come across some quick and easy play ideas that help support children in their development like the ones found at Play & Learn. Play & Learn is a website designed to enhance learning through play. It was developed by the Infant and Child Health Lab (INCH) and the Division of e-Learning Innovation (DeLI) and offers expert reviewed games and … Continue reading Play & Learn- A Fun Idea for Game Play that Educates

Strategies for Executive Functioning Difficulties

Executive functioning skills are the skills that guide our ability to plan, organize, memorize, problem solve and a variety of other life-management tasks. Students who struggle with these skills need support and guidance that will help them navigate the classroom successfully and transfer learned skills to life after school.  The Tool Box has compiled an informative piece on Executive Functioning Skills describing what executive functions are and throughout the piece, where you can find strategies … Continue reading Strategies for Executive Functioning Difficulties