Learning for the Learning Disabled- presented by Emma Chin

If you have 3 minutes and 44 seconds you will enjoy this TedX Talk by Emma Chin. She discusses how “academic teaching and conventional evaluation hinders vital communication between learning disabled students and their teachers, and identifies a gateway to overcoming these challenges”. She talks about the evaluation methods of teachers and how there needs to be a variety of project based assessments and testing in order to evaluate students with learning disabilities. Emma believes … Continue reading Learning for the Learning Disabled- presented by Emma Chin

ADHD as an Adult – How is it Different?

This week we take a look at ADHD as an adult and whether it’s different from ADHD as a child. In this video, Kati Morton, a licensed therapist shares some terrific information about adult ADHD as well as taking the time to provide tips on how to manage ADHD. So check out ADHD as an Adult – How is it Different? The strategies she offers helps with focus and includes being kind to yourself. 

LDAWC- 7th Annual Family Conference

Don’t miss this year’s exciting line up of speakers at the Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County’s 7th Annual Family Conference! It is being held virtually and is FREE to attend, but registration is required. The theme this year will be social skills and learning disabilities. Keynote speaker will be world-renowned author and presenter, Rick Lavoie. The day will include two breakout sessions with your choice of speakers to choose from. For more information, check … Continue reading LDAWC- 7th Annual Family Conference

Summer is half-way done…any ideas for fun?

There are lots of ideas for fun to be found when it comes to summer activities, but what kind of activities best supports your child’s learning disability? Laura Phillips, PsyD, ABPdN has come up with a great list of ideas to keep your child motivated and engaged in her Child Mind Institute article, Summer Activities for Kids with Learning Disorders. So take the time to review them and see if you can squeeze one or … Continue reading Summer is half-way done…any ideas for fun?

Supporting Students with Dysgraphia

This week we want to help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year with a video on how they can support the students who may be showing signs of Dysgraphia.  It’s the perfect time for teachers to think about ways they will support their students in September. Things like larger pencils or pencils with special grips, speech to text software, computers and even additional time to complete written work. Why is this important? Because when … Continue reading Supporting Students with Dysgraphia