Supporting Students with Dysgraphia

This week we want to help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year with a video on how they can support the students who may be showing signs of Dysgraphia.  It’s the perfect time for teachers to think about ways they will support their students in September. Things like larger pencils or pencils with special grips, speech to text software, computers and even additional time to complete written work. Why is this important? Because when … Continue reading Supporting Students with Dysgraphia

5 youth walking together

Let’s Work on our Social Skills

Teachers and parents alike sometimes struggle to find tools that help children develop their social skills. Let’s face it, these are skills that many of us take for granted. For a lot of us, social skills come easy. We jump in and out of conversations, we can read people’s faces and body language and we can understand when people are being sarcastic or sincere in their tone. For those that struggle with social skills, it’s … Continue reading Let’s Work on our Social Skills

What is a Language-Based Learning Disability?

You have noticed that you child is struggling when it comes to their reading, but what about their speaking, listening and writing? Are you noticing some delays or frustration in these areas? Are you concerned it may be a language-based learning disability? Patricia W. Newhall has put together an excellent article for LDOnline that discusses the difference between a language-based disability or a language difficulty and the signs that can help determine the need for … Continue reading What is a Language-Based Learning Disability?

Back to Basics- What is a Learning Disability?

Since we are still fresh into a new year, it seems like a great time to go back to the basics and examine what a learning disability is and the signs and symptoms that different learning disabilities can display. The article “Learning Disabilities and Disorders” from, shares helpful and precise information about learning disabilities and the problems they can cause. They also share some terrific tips on support, how you can help and where … Continue reading Back to Basics- What is a Learning Disability?

photo of Tracey Marks, MD with text "executive function"

What is Executive Function and How it Relates to ADHD

Have you ever heard the words ‘executive function’ but weren’t quite sure what they refer to? In a quick and concise video, the explanation of those words are revealed by Dr. Tracey Marks, MD. Marks is a psychologist who makes mental health videos on You Tube and this year, she produced a video on executive function that we thought we would share. It was part one of a series of videos she put together on … Continue reading What is Executive Function and How it Relates to ADHD