Dysgraphia. What is it?

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects all aspects of writing such as spelling, legibility, spacing, sizing and even speed of writing.   Today we are sharing an informative piece by the team at Understood.org- What is Dysgraphia? They include a “deep dive” into the signs of Dysgraphia, how trouble with motor skills impacts writing and how Dysgraphia is diagnosed. There are also some great links on how to help those with Dysgraphia, including classroom accommodations. … Continue reading Dysgraphia. What is it?

The Challenges of a Non-Verbal Learning Disability

Many people have never heard of a non-verbal learning disability (NLD or NVLD). Some tend to think of it as a disability that affects how someone speaks or lack of speaking but that cannot be further from the truth. Children with a non-verbal learning disability can be quite intelligent with extensive vocabularies but may struggle to keep up academically or socially. This week we are sharing an article written by the Smart Kids With Learning … Continue reading The Challenges of a Non-Verbal Learning Disability