Starting Early with Healthy Study Habits for ADHD

It is never too early to learn good study habits. The school year is under way and for many teens with learning disabilities or ADHD, the thought of trying to sit down and focus on studying is daunting. Enter Ann Dolin’s article for ADDitude  “7 Secrets to Studying Better with ADHD”. It gives great insight and helpful tips that just may make this year’s studying a lot less stressful.

IPRC Meetings – What Are They?

The bell is about to ring and signal the start of another school year. Hopefully one with a little more stability and less anxiety for all involved- parents, teachers, students, educational assistants and administrators alike. It’s no secret that our children are going to need support in the aftermath of the pandemic, so we thought it was a good time to re-introduce all things IPRC- The Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) Process.   These committees … Continue reading IPRC Meetings – What Are They?

ADHD at School-What Kids Wish Their Teachers Knew

It was a different kind of school year this year. The pandemic gave us both in-person and online learning and made things just a touch more challenging than normal. If you are a parent, you know how this played out in your child’s daily routines. If you are a teacher, you saw how this affected your students. If you are a student, you know it took a lot to get through the day. Did you … Continue reading ADHD at School-What Kids Wish Their Teachers Knew

7 No-Fail Test-taking Tips

Before the school year ends, and the last of the lessons have been taught, there is one final thing that cannot be avoided and that is…tests.  There are many helpful tidbits of advice out there but one that stands out for anyone with a learning disability or ADHD is to break it down. Don’t try cramming all the information in at the last minute, because that will cause stress that will be hard to recover … Continue reading 7 No-Fail Test-taking Tips