Social Skills and LD- Rick Lavoie

This October, Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County will be welcoming keynote speaker Rick Lavoie to our 7th Annual Family Conference. This virtual conference is a great day of outstanding guest speakers and we are particularly excited about the addition of Rick Lavoie to kick the day off. He is a terrific speaker who easily engages his audience with his presentations. To give you a peek into what is coming, we invite you to check … Continue reading Social Skills and LD- Rick Lavoie

5 youth walking together

Let’s Work on our Social Skills

Teachers and parents alike sometimes struggle to find tools that help children develop their social skills. Let’s face it, these are skills that many of us take for granted. For a lot of us, social skills come easy. We jump in and out of conversations, we can read people’s faces and body language and we can understand when people are being sarcastic or sincere in their tone. For those that struggle with social skills, it’s … Continue reading Let’s Work on our Social Skills