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Understanding How Emotions Can Hijack Your Child’s Brain

Learn more about your child’s emotions and how it can be hijacked by the smallest part of their brain, the Amygdala.

In a blog by  Marian Mainland, C. Psych. Assoc., for Insight Psychology, a long-term supporter of LDAWC, your child’s emotions can be hijacked by the smallest part of the brain, the Amygdala. This can especially affect children with LD’s given their already frustrated emotional state when learning. Marian provides a great breathing activity you can do with your child as well as a hands-on project that provides a tangible demonstration of how the amygdala works.

Marian says:

The Amygdala is one of the smallest parts of the brain, but can be very powerful and “hijack” your child’s emotions.  It processes emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety.  It responds to stress by either telling your child’s brain to fight (panic attack or temper tantrum), flee (run) or freeze (shut down).

You can help your child learn to control their Amygdala and keep them from being “hijacked”.  When hijacked, the rest of their brain that helps them make good choices, shuts down.

Read Marion’s Blog Post:

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