photo of Tracey Marks, MD with text "executive function"

What is Executive Function and How it Relates to ADHD

Have you ever heard the words ‘executive function’ but weren’t quite sure what they refer to? In a quick and concise video, the explanation of those words are revealed by Dr. Tracey Marks, MD.

Marks is a psychologist who makes mental health videos on You Tube and this year, she produced a video on executive function that we thought we would share. It was part one of a series of videos she put together on ADHD.

“Executive function is a set of cognitive (or thinking) skills that are responsible for the following”, she states.  The list included:

  • Planning, organizing and prioritizing
  • Initiating actions
  • Self-inhibition
  • Self-monitoring your behavior
  • Shifting your attention between tasks
  • Working memory

Marks then goes on to break down each set of skills and what they may look like as they become problematic.

To view this and other videos in her series, click here.

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