Yes, There Are Happier Mornings Ahead!

Oh mornings. How I used to dread them. So much to do. Not just for myself to get ready and go to work but for my children too! Clothes set out, shoes and backpacks ready, school notes signed, homework checked and ready, lunches made and oh, what day is it today? Silly hair day? 

It all seemed like a regular routine in chaos. That is, until someone said, “Why not do it all the night before, set everything up and then just wake up and go!”  It turned out to be great advice.

Fast forward to today and my whole family follows the night before routine of preparing for the day to come and I have to say, the mornings are certainly a lot more enjoyable.

Patricia Quinn, M.D. shares Happy Mornings Ahead! 8 simple strategies to help you get your motley crew out the door on time, every time — and even fed and dressed, too! She even has tips for the ADHD person in your household. They’re wonderful tips to help turn those hectic mornings into a more manageable start to your day.

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